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Well the full moon has passed. I'm hopin it takes a lotta crap along with it. Crziness here at EP seems to rise an ebb ... almos like the tide is lured by Luna.

This last round of crzy drama may have reached a new low - I couldn' say. I haven' been round much, jus stoppin in to check mail an answer the occasional WB scribble. I know that the drama reached it's slimy tentacles out toward a couple my dearest friends here. I am proud of the restraint they used, an not surprisingly, it paid off in the end.

Some have remarked "What has happened to this place?"

I can only say that it has grown, not allays in the proper direction - but not allays for the worse. There have allays been pious bitches an perverted wankers here at EP. On occasion, someone of bold nature an questionable character gets the crzy notion to announce themself queen or king. Havin been round the block here a time or two, I am often familiar with the newest emperor-du-juor.

This time was no exception, an for the mos part, the coup members were once members of my circle. I say 'once' because I have that goofy reach bout folk. It's jus a feelin, creepy at times ... almos like a curse ... but rarely errant. The cast memebrs of the latest drama were culled by intuition a good while back. Couple of em even questioned/criticized my decision to keep my circle small an tight.

Occasionally I have compassion for these drama queens an attention whores - especially the dim-witted among em. But the second or third time I see em drag their dirty laundry out into the puclic eye, I am quietly on my way to the 'Remove From Circle' button. These issues are best kept to the blogs in my opinion.

Also curious to me, is the inevitable impulse of the uninvolved bystanders ... to become involved. They choose sides ... stroke egos ... call for peace ... an fan the flames. Intentional or not, their stirs an stunts - their calls for an end to the proceedins, only serve to drag the drama further, widenin that spot on the stage.

What to do bout all this? Not a damned thing. I was lured into this crap not long after arrivin here. I stood up for an innocent - not realizin I'd picked a quarrel with one of the nastiest EP personas ever. She an her crew were fast an furious, but not particularly bright. Bullies an blowhards rarely are. I didn' exact any revenge. I merely assured her that she'd picked the wrong scab ... an then let the fire burn out.

That doesn' mean I'll never defend again - only that I've reached a point where I can discern between defense an drama.

I use EP  for my benefit. All of you. You benefit me in one way or another, an I am indebted to you for that. I hope that I can be some benefit to you as well. But let's remember that this place is a tool ... an that some of the members here are tools as well.  =)  Use it for your benefit - whatever suits you.



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Posted on 11:49AM on Apr 19th, 2011
You know my feelings about these scenarios hb ... it does get old very quickly but so many people get hurt along the way. The "watching a car crash in slow motion" analogy really describes it well ... you just know that things are going to get very messy and unpleasant ... and sometimes downright cruel ... but somehow you just keep watching.

It's time for "time out" from here when you just want to step back and hope the air clears while you are gone ... this time it's going to take quite a lot of air freshener to get rid of this smell ... it seems particularly pervasive this time.

I agree with you that EP is a tool to use for our benefit. For me it's about connecting with like minded people and sharing stories and helping each other along the way. I'm just going to try to ignore the game-playing and the name-calling because I do still want to use EP as the playground I've always felt it could and should be.

Meanwhile, I am continuing to cut down my circle so that a lot of the crap isn't visible. I don't need to see it.
Posted on 11:50AM on Apr 19th, 2011
agreed and understood, i've been bumping heads with highly intellectual atheists, they scold me for syntax and miss my point, their wordy boring threads and obstinate attitude is only exceeded by their high regard for themselves, but they can scold and verbally spank me as much as they want, i'm still here enjoying EP as much as ever
Posted on 11:52AM on Apr 19th, 2011
I love ya hillbilly and understand if ya delete me I will just close mah eyes and hope you do not! -.-
Posted on 12:10PM on Apr 19th, 2011
wibby ... cream rises to the top. =)
Posted on 12:11PM on Apr 19th, 2011
leo ... you been round the block more than me even. We both know there's room for everyone here. BE the peace. Thanks for your comment.
Posted on 12:13PM on Apr 19th, 2011
meph ... never gonna happen you fuggin lunatic - we been down a lotta roads ... more of em ahead no doubt
Posted on 12:20PM on Apr 19th, 2011
: ) HUGS!
Posted on 12:30PM on Apr 19th, 2011
Ironic that the biggest bullies (the ones that call others the worst names they can dream up, use the vilest insults, etc) are also the ones that scream the loudest at any perceived slight. It gets old fast - once you learn that you can't reason with the unreasonable (or the stupid). Hang in there, my friend.
Posted on 05:59AM on Apr 20th, 2011
ima ... excellent point. Usually goes somethin like ...

"I have done no wrong and only wrong has been done to me."

Then it trails off into somethin long the lines of Charlie Brown's teacher for me ....

"Bwaaah bwah bwah ... bwah bwah bwah bwaaaah bwaaahhhhh bwah."

Thanks for stoppin by, bear.
Posted on 06:12AM on Apr 20th, 2011
Thanks for sayin' what I was thinking hlpfl ... was away for a bit and missed a lot of the dramas and came back to find half my circle had farewelled the murky world that EP has turned into :( Made me kinda sad, but also changed how I was looking at things and made me take this whole place FAR less seriously!!
Posted on 06:17AM on Apr 20th, 2011
Leave the wankin to the wankers
Posted on 06:29AM on Apr 20th, 2011
Sassy ... in your case, they prolly simply could not go on with you gone. :P

I think there's plenty of good left here at EP. Those that are unable to overcome the inevitable downside to a place this size may be better off leavin.

But they'll be back ... they allays come back, don' they. =)
Posted on 06:31AM on Apr 20th, 2011
geetar ... would that mean there IS no worthy wankin whatsoever? =)

Sound advice - thanks for the comment.
Posted on 06:36AM on Apr 20th, 2011
Whats a world without wankin hlpfl ... a very borning one. I know some seriously awesome wankers :)
Posted on 06:51AM on Apr 20th, 2011
oooo ... you caught that alliteration an trumped it! You lil devil. =) Awesome advice, Aussie.
Posted on 12:37PM on Apr 20th, 2011
daze ... you jus stay right where you are on that path - it's the right one. =)

Thank you for commentin ... in your usual wise-beyond-your-years fashion.
Posted on 01:22PM on Apr 20th, 2011
I knew something was going on by the status of members of my circle. I've been busy and not on ep as much. Sounds like good timing!

I try to imagine the real lives of members who basically join a gang that singles out a member fro harassment. Are they mousy little clerk in real life who wouldn't say "boo" and this is where their alter ego comes out? Or are they so lacking in a sense of belonging that they join a gang here because a real life gang wouldn't have them? Anonymity brings both positives and negatives to the table. I was brought here by the desire to explore some complex issues in my life in an anonymous forum. I think people are feeling less and less safe doing that on ep because if you get targeted your vulnerabilities will be used against you. That loss of safety is a real shame.
Posted on 01:45PM on Apr 20th, 2011
Eve ... gentle lady you have pointed out somethin in our mos basic nature - that 'pack' mentality. In what might be termed the mos 'front page' of current drama, the pendulum has swung to its opposite end ... an those denouncin this practice are in fact practicin away it seems.

There are allays exceptions, I guess. But where better - than in anonymity - to practice turnin the other cheek? I doubt karma gives a potter's damn bout anonymity.

If we all remember what an who really matters to each of us, the snipers an drive-by-shooters are neutered. I'm a lucky man to find folk like yourself - an the rest of the folk above you here. I can wade through the bullshit for the privilege of hangin with you guys. =)

This was jus my gentle nudge for a few folk. Thanks for stoppin by an sharin your noggin with us. Allays appreciated.
Posted on 02:27PM on Apr 20th, 2011
XO ... no one really deserves the nasty crap happens from time to time ... best we can do is do the best we can do. You do that mos the time I've ever seen ... you'll be fine.

Nice to see ya, lil Illini. =)
Posted on 02:52PM on Apr 20th, 2011
*pops head out of ground and looks around for a sec*

looks alright out here to me.
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